Plus Size Jewelry IS A THING and It’s Here

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

- Article by Taryn Brooke -

Welcome to NY2YOU’s blog! Ok, sure, we’re the first ever and only jewelry company that focuses solely on plus size jewelry but we’re so much more than that: We’re body positive and we’re working to change the perception that beauty does not equate to a size 2 (sadly certain Hollywood women are still being told that THAT is too big) rather beauty is in all shapes and sizes and represented in the magazines to the runway. Fashion is not only for those who can fit into sample sizes, it’s meant to be embraced by all. For some reason though, despite the fact that the plus size retail market racked up upwards to $17.5 billion in annual sales between May 2013 and April 2014, though that figure really under-represents the opportunity of that demographic (especially who want to buy fashionable items), and given that the average American woman is a size 14 (according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) retailers are not listening to curvy girl gripes for more fashionable items and leaving them out of the fashion conversation. Forget about better fitting jewelry to accompany their looks. We’re got the curvy girls on that—we were listening and answering back with a fabulous collection of jewelry to fit larger wrists, fingers and necks, because after all, jewelry is just as much an important and necessary component to an outfit and everyone should be able to wear jewelry that fits and comfortably.

Which brings us to, well, us---not to brag but we’re damn proud to give our fellow curvy ladies what they want. NY2YOU has tapped into the plus size jewelry market, effectively creating it, and selling under our own label nonetheless, basing the creation of it on the belief that curvy women should be just as much a part of the fashion conversation as their thinner counterparts. Part and parcel of the “I am woman hear me roar” kind of attitude, only more so like, “I am a fashionable curvy woman and I want the whole world to know,” NY2YOU’s jewelry features bold, chic statement pieces to fit curvy women perfectly, which includes a collection of wider bangles and cuffs, hinged bracelets, longer clasp bracelets, rings sizes 8-13, and necklaces with extenders for greater comfort. The pieces can be suited to fit any look or style statement. Quick-turn, runway to retail looks drive the direction of our brand with retail price points ranging from $12 - $60. All pieces are available for purchase at

“We believe that no matter what your size or budget, you should never have to sacrifice style, and that women of all shapes and sizes should be able to wear fabulous jewelry comfortably,” explains CEO and Founder Marlene Siegel. The concept of NY2YOU started with Siegel’s dream to never leave a woman out of the fashion conversation again because of her size. As a fashion industry veteran, she would see the struggles of curvy friends who couldn’t always don the latest jewelry trends. Today, she’s most proud of presenting a collection of fabulous jewelry that curvy women can be proud to wear and feel comfortable wearing and look amazing.  Most of all, “we’re proud to be the only all Plus Size jewelry company in this niche market.

NY2YOU’s position as an on-trend, high quality, and value driven jewelry specialty brand is just the beginning. Welcome to our blog site for women of all shapes and sizes who love fashion. We’re dedicated to serving the underrepresented curvy community of women who deserve to be heard and deserve just as many stylish options as everyone else. Every one of our editorial pieces will serve a purpose within the fashionable, curvy lifestyle with fun, humorous and fashion forward pieces that will inform, as well personal/professional insights from our editorial staff, plus-related news features and all around inspiration from your favorite guest editors, popular plus size bloggers, and models. 

Welcome to our site and please join us!

Photo Credit: Katana Fatale

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